OK, here's what you want - a reaction. Hi, I'm Canadian, and I like it up here. I can understand that you may not see what we see. I was just in The Carolinas. I saw segregation and "slavery" alive and well. I saw a lack of patriotism in what seems like a fervently patriotic land.

Jay Lind

If we made Baywatch, or something else like it, and millions of your fellow countrymen watched it, you'd feel assaulted, too.

Ted Sturk

The difference between Canadians and Yankees is, besides about 100-plus more IQ points, is that we aren't so terminally arrogant to expound the view that everything we do is better than everyone else, while ridiculing all those who do not agree.

Example of American ignorance/stupidity/arrogance:

Blue/red streaked pucks for NHL ice hockey?????????

Andor Kiss

The view of Niagara Falls ... everyone knows the best view is from Canada. I was speaking to an American at the COMDEX just recently, and she confirmed what we all knew.... the Canadian view rocks.

Tracey Halford


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