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X-Sender: handsolo@mail.myfirsttime.com
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1998 14:23:06 -0500
From: Oscar Wiener <handsolo@myfirsttime.com>

Hello Internet Friend!

My name is Oscar Wiener. In most ways, I'm a typical all-American 12-year-old - Marilyn Manson tats on my chest, luv phat budz, wasted a couple classmates once with my dad's ArmaLite AR10A4 (RIP, Bryan), etc. etc. But there's one way I'm way UNLIKE most of my friends who are all bitch magnets and been responsible already for numerous pregnancies and abortions - not only have I not yet shot those oysters in Hair Harbor, I am also in total SELF-CONTROL. Yes it's true. Until recently a follower of Reverend Oral Peters, I practiced his 21 STEPS TOWARD OVERCOMING MASTURBATION and was 100% successful in efforts to resist that wily chicken hawk SATAN.

But recent events on the Internet have made me have a change of mind. Namely, the LIVE INTERNET BIRTH, which I found to be a very educational event. And made me start thinking, "If you can show something really gross like a screaming slimy baby and all that guk coming out of some big sloppy crotch, why not show something beautiful like a young 12-year-old boy jacking off for THE VERY FIRST TIME to a bunch of old copies of JitRag?"

In 18 days, I leave the safety of youth and Oral Peters' lame so-called rock music - and accept the wonderful, frightening challenges of horny adolescent male self-abuse. And I'M DOING IT ON THE INTERNET at WWW.MYFIRSTTIME.COM. So please join me!!! Unless you're some creepy voyyer who doesn't understand the education value of this event. (Exeption made for that hot schoolteacher ho who stars on Hard Copy - my ICQ #'s 1454292912 if you wanna chat.)

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