Sanford and Son

His name's Fred Sanford
And he's got a little boy
Who's named Lamont
And he is Fred's pride and joy
On the show they call
   Sanford and Son!

Here they come: Gra-dee,
   Mel-vin, ugly Esther

Junkyard jig!
Ev'r'body do it.
Junkyard jig!
Ain't nothin' to it.
Junkyard jig!
Redd Foxx is such a stinker!
Junkyard jig!
And I hear that he's a drinker!

Redd Foxx is censored
On this family kinda show.
It's yet more crap pro-duced
   by Nor-man ... Lear!

Next ... I'm talkin' about human lives, heah!

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