No one plays up his victimization without taking a stand better than Possum Man! Eyes trapped in the headlights, unsure how he feels, he stutters, shakes, and then proclaims that he "can't deal"!



She'll milk you for dirt on your friend in the name of a "concern." Then she'll turn around and dish the dirt. No, she'll never learn. She just likes to watch shit burn!



You'll think she's kind and sweet, with the warmest embrace - until she shoves her ass in your boyfriend's face. She'll slay any woman that stands in her way - she wants praise from all men, and she wants it today! A magic bag of issues! Superhumanly lewd! Only superheroes have this much to prove!



She's paranoid, confrontational, and holds a grudge! If she's got a problem with you, she won't budge! She'll bitch, then seethe, then write and write, then you'll be mad, but she'll be all right! Kind of.


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