Our first MYSTERY of the UNIVERSE is ...


The Overpriced Appetizer: a greasy concoction with appeal known to a select few. It's a mystery that's been confusing and confounding experts for decades!


Sociologists have noticed this strange phenomenon among bar-and-grill goers: Instead of ordering just one overpriced notably bland meal per person, bar-and-grillers often throw in several appetizers on top of the regular order!


The names of these overpriced appetizers are invariably difficult to repeat in public without blushing. Some specialists in the field suggest that such juvenile naming schemes are a clandestine plot to take advantage of most Americans' subconscious associations between shame and pleasure.


Experts speculate that the plastic cheer of the waiters and waitresses in such establishments, with their curiously perky demeanors and their unrelenting habit of focusing unconditional positive regard on their customers may, in fact, serve as a sort of false social acceptance, particularly for the less socially skilled.


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