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[Source: New York Magazine, 4/13/98]

Carla Gehl, a leader of the Arts and Media Professionals Ministry, "a branch of the International Church of Christ that was founded to address the particular spiritual needs of show people" (models, singers, and actors):
"'[People who work 9 to 5] see God differently than performers. Performers tend to be more emotionally based, not as logic-minded.'"

"[T]he ministry's services include dancing, singing, and occasional dramatic performances."

"Though many outsiders look on such fields as modeling and singing as one big den of iniquity, these members see their professional and religious lives as profoundly linked. 'Jesus was a model. We have never seen his picture but it's not necessary to know what he looks like.' explains Taras Mashtalir."

"Dave Anderson, who coordinates a help line for people who have left [the ministry] ... worries that people 'might join AMP feeling that it will help further their career.'"

"'If you put God first,' says Gehl, 'he'll put you where he wants you - whether it's on the big screen or in little Off Broadway productions."


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