These things sneak up on you, you know. Some tell-tale signs...

Your Sentences Often Start Like This:

"My accountant says ..."

"My business manager says ..."

"My agent says ..."

"My portfolio manager says ..."

"My publicist says ..."

"Bob DeNiro once told me ..."


Avoid These Topics!

How The Lease On Your Car Compares To The Leases On Your Friends' Cars

How Much Your Accountant Saved You This Year

Hot New Directors You Read About Recently

How You're Trying To "Simplify" Your Life Right Now

How Good Yoga Makes You Feel

How Smart Your Therapist Is

How Hard You're Working

How It's Okay You're Working So Hard, Because It's Creative

How You Could Never Do Anything That Wasn't Creative

How Most Of Your Pathetic Friends Have Uncreative Jobs That Would Drive You Crazy

How That's Fine For Them, But You Need To Feel Like You're, You Know, Creating Something

Something That Captures The Heart Of The Human Condition

Something That Speaks To Some Shared Understanding Of The World That We All Have

Something Important And True And Eternal

Something That Will Make You And Your Family Lots of Money

How Most Of Your Pathetic Relatives Have Uncreative Jobs That Would Drive You Crazy

And They Don't Even Pay Well

How You're Sorry You Didn't Get A Chance To Talk About Anything But Yourself, But Maybe Next Time

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