"... when I am asked whether I am a church-going Catholic and answer yes, no one asks whether I believe in such strange things as the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Resurrection. I am asked about ovaries and trimesters. The great mysteries of faith have become, for many inside the church as well as outside, the 'doctrines' on contraception and abortion. These are hardly great concerns in the gospels and the letters of Saint Paul, which never mention them. But they crowd out most other talk of Catholic beliefs in modern conversation."

--Garry Wills





"I had been quoted as saying that the Papuans had had no Proust and that the Zulus had not as yet produced a Tolstoy, and this was taken as proof that I was at best insensitive and at worst an elitist, a chauvinist, a reactionary and a racist - in a word, a monster..."

--Saul Bellow


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