Source: "The VIP Connoisseur Class: The latest in Hollywood status: hotel-style living - at home" [William Cash, Buzz, 4/98]

"If an Englishman's home is his castle, then a Hollywood mogul's is his hotel. More important than simply accumulating or displaying wealth, status in late-'90s Hollywood is about upgrading your house with hotel-style amenities so that home life runs with the smooth, pampered efficiency of a first-class business trip."


"Lynda Obst, producer of Sleepless in Seattle: 'When you're used to having people make phone calls for you and bring you tea, it's hard to go home and make your own phone calls and bring yourself tea.'"


"And because former high-status indicators have become so dishearteningly commonplace, so down-market middle-class - e.g., the Mercedes 600 SEL, the designer wardrobe, the pool and Jacuzzi - Hollywood's super-rich have anxiously had to look further for social validation."


"Leading me into the kitchen, [Jon] Peters [former co-chairman at Sony Pictures] shows me the printed lunch menu du jour: roast rack of lamb and a choice of pastas. I am introduced to a uniformed head of housekeeping. 'She's just started. Her job is to run the gardeners, the staff, the people who get this whole thing happening.'"


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