ARE YOU TRÈS, TRÈS CHIC? Take this quiz and find out!


1. What do you usually tell people after attending a party?

a. The beer ran out at 10, so we did tequila shots, and I puked all over this guy's hallway.
b. There was this model there. God, she was hot.
c. There were lots of models there. George hangs out with models.
d. All the Top Supermodels were there.

2. Let's say you're an artist. Who needs to notice your art in order for you to feel special?

a. Mommy
b. Some dude waiting for his double latté
c. Leonardo DiCaprio
d. The Art World

3. When you're forming new opinions, who do you hope they impress?

a. That teacher in high school who thought you were stupid
b. Attractive, slutty girls
c. The readers of Suck
d. All the Great Thinkers of Our Time

4. Who are your friends?

a. I've been asking myself that question for years.
b. The little animals of the forest are my friends.
c. My friends are people who share my disgust with humanity.
d. All the Movers and Shakers.

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