"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
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Excerpted from "Pop Music in the Shadow of Irony" by Thomas Frank (author of The Conquest of Cool and the editor of The Baffler), Harper's magazine, 3/98

"In an era when great capitalists built railroads and Horatio Alger fables were read straight, the natural career choice for a young man with the abilities, education, and social standing of my friend Chris Holmes would have been corporate management or perhaps law."



"But this being the age of great culture conglomerates, the calling to which he gravitated - and in which, by the standards of his day, he was well-suited for success - was entertainment."



"Hailing from the exceedingly affluent suburb of Lake Bluff, Illinois, Chris had in the autumn of 1995 gained a much-coveted entree into the hotly competitive world of popular music...."


"Chris was to be a rock star."


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