Unsuccessful vice presidential candidate Barbra Streisand (Democrat). Picked by a desperate President Al Gore in his 2004 re-election race, hungry to shore up the female vote after photos of then-Vice President Bob Kerrey in a ménage with Debra Winger and Jack Nicholson were discovered, Streisand's foray into electoral politics was an unmitigated disaster. She even lost the middle-aged-Northeast-liberal-Jewish-woman's vote. "Papa? Can you hear me?" she sang to the incredulous Democratic Party conventioneers in Malibu that summer. Her campaign commercials were criticized by many in the media for, as NBC's Brian Williams put it, "being short on substance, and long on legs. And what's with the soft lighting? What, does she think we're idiots?" So insistent upon casting herself as her own campaign manager, pollster, handler, and media consultant, Streisand collapsed in a fit of exhaustion while pressing flesh in New Mexico. Hubbie James Brolin rushed her off to the hospital; she was never heard from or seen again.

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