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According to a recent Newsweek cover story, we may all be a little bit crazy. But while the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists over 400 different psychiatric illnesses that now afflict us, only a relatively small number of self-esteem coaches and instant-serotonin manufacturers cater to this burgeoning market. Showing little foresight in regard to the perpetuation of their revenue streams (or little confidence in the efficacy of their wares), the mental health industry focuses exclusively on purported cures - but instead of stigmatization and treatment, why not celebration and entertainment? At a time when so many of the traditional building blocks of identity - religious belief, class, patriotism, ethnicity, geographic locality - have either become outmoded or overly problematic, mental disorders offer individuals a contemporary, dramatic way to define themselves. Recognizing this, we at INSANI-TV are proud to announce the debut of our new cable TV channel, which offers innovative programming specifically tailored to the millions of mentally ill people who, up till now, have been virtually ignored by the entertainment industry. Read on to find out more about our exciting new line up of shows!

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