"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 13 February 1998.
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On 20 March, the much-anticipated film version of Primary Colors will be released in select theaters throughout the nation (or at least LA and New York). Though nothing Hollywood creates could ever hope to compete with recent putatively actual mirror-ceilinged Oval Office shenanigans - especially with the far more eerily prognosticated Wag the Dog out there - the insulated biodome of Hollywood has been buzzing a bit about PC.

The major scuttlebutt seems to revolve around the complaint that - perhaps not so surprisingly, in this day where truth isn't just stranger than fiction, it's more trite - PC is having trouble living up to is celebrated best-selling novel by, as you may recall, "Kleinonymous."

This shouldn't really come as such a shock. Whether it's because the two worlds are so different, or so similar, Hollywood rarely gets it quite right when entering the world of Washington, DC. The results may be toothless hummers à la Rob Reiner's The American President, or wild, wacky conspiracy treacle like The Manchurian Candidate, disconcertingly accurate "comedies" like Bob Roberts, or inane fluff like Dave, but they never fail to disappoint our sky-high expectations of authentic unreality.