This was, according to the NFL, the Super Bowl that would appeal equally to women and men. But in all the hubbub, women seem to have gotten the short end of the stick. The fantasia in's pajama spot seemed oddly queen for a day-ish, and the other woman-centered ads were - well, there weren't any others. There was, however, an odd assortment of can't-live-without-'em appeals to remind the fellas of that little angel serving up the buffalo wings. Bud Lite struck a blow for suffrage with its shopping spot - in which a group of regular Joes drink beer and watch football while hiding in a department store petites rack. Boy, the crazy stuff you'll do when you're whipped! Half-time sponsor Royal Caribbean showed admirable grrl power with what must be the Hugh Beaumont line of the year: "You've watched 22 weeks of football. Better make it up to her, before you get traded." Nudge nudge, wink wink, buy her a nice gift. As long as she remembers who's boss - as in a trailer for The Mask of Zorro, which featured Antonio Banderas using his trusty rapier to disrobe - Devo-style - a toothsome senorita. Now we're the first to admit that the Latin lug is to die for, but is this why your mother burned her bra? This might be a good time for women to protest yet another bait and switch. Aw, let 'em complain! They're beautiful when they're angry.

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