"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 22 December 1997. Updated every WEEKDAY.

In 1998 ...

A Princeton physicist will win the Nobel Prize for discovering the Microsoft Comedy Constant. This new rule of physics states that there is nothing funny about Microsoft's power or Bill Gates' wealth, and all jokes, humorous emails, song parodies, and tall tales that play on this theme are now - and always have been - incapable of breaking the Laugh Barrier. In a pop-science aftermath, people around the world will come forward to admit that they have never, ever laughed at any joke involving Bill Gates or Microsoft. Vice President Gore will host a cybersummit aimed at stopping the proliferation of Microsoft jokes through the Internet. Leaders of some nations will issue orders that all tellers of MS/Gates jokes are to be executed on the spot. But still, the jokes will keep coming!




Terry Colon


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