"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
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"Write what you know..."

Apparently, the longtime maxim of novelists who write novels about novelists writing novels is now the ruling principle for Bel Air scenarists too lazy to watch Kojak reruns. While conventional wisdom says that TV, with its Chris Farley-like appetite for car chases, gunfire, beatings, and other visually compelling activities, is a terrible medium for dramatizing the tedious act of writing, the scribes behind Suddenly Susan, The Naked Truth, Veronica's Closet, Hiller and Diller, Just Shoot Me, The Gregory Hines Show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and all the other shows now featuring writers or editors as primary characters are currently proving conventional wisdom, well, not wrong exactly, but not insurmountable either. In today's televisual landscape, it's almost as easy to find a writer as a cop.

So what's next for this improbable entertainment trend? Well, if the keyboard-tappers follow the cathode trajectory of their law enforcement brethren, then the answer's obvious: gritty, hand-held reality programming that delivers a candid look at what it's like to be a literary foot soldier on the front lines of today's action-packed entertainment industry.


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