"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 21 November 1997. Updated every WEEKDAY.


"Esquire isn't like every other magazine," boasted Esquire editor David Granger in his first Editor's Letter. On the cover of that issue: Christy Turlington, who has also appeared on the cover of, oh, every other magazine. So what makes Esquire different? "This magazine is going to take some chances," wrote Granger. "We will refuse to play it safe." Other magazines, playing it safe, would have just printed photographs of Ms. Turlington. Esquire, taking chances, opted to swath her in nine pages of quasi-literary copy, in an attempt to make Turlington's bons nots and fashionably thin introspections mean something. Did it work?

"[Esquire] will dare to be great," wrote Granger, "and, as a result, risk looking foolish." It is a promise already being kept.


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