PART FIVE: Basic Laws of Comic Animals

  • Mammals are funnier than virtually all invertebrates.
  • Dogs are funnier than cats.
  • Amoebas are not funny unless they talk.
  • Monkeys are always funny. If you can't make them chuckle with a monkey, get out of the business.
  • Anthropomorphized animals are funnier than natural animals. But be careful - they can also be "cuter." Don't fall into the Disney Syndrome; keep them ugly. (See Part One above.)
  • Fish are funny, sort-of.
  • Normally cute animals acting evil are funnier than normally vicious animals acting sweet.
  • Tails on animals are not necessarily funny, but put them on anyway. Some people are amused by them.
  • Cockroaches and praying mantises are funnier than all other insects combined. Though one could imagine an "all-other-insects-combined" insect might be pretty funny.


Principles in Effect


Special bonus comedy tip: Killer bees are not funny. If someone insists that you draw them, quit and find a job with people with a sense of humor.


Putting It All Together