PART TWO: Basic Laws of Comic People

  • Wall-eyed is funnier than cross-eyed.
  • Fat is funnier than thin.
  • Big noses are funnier than big ears. In fact, ears aren't very funny at all.
  • Symbols for eyes (crosses, spirals, stars, etc.), though cliché, are always funny. As clichés, such eyes have the added advantage of being "campy" or "ironic." Some French intellectuals might even think you are witty.
  • A single tooth is funnier than a single missing tooth. (Try this at home on yourself in the mirror. Pretty funny, huh?)
  • Big heads are funnier than skinny necks. Necks have so little comedic potential that they aren't even worth drawing. A body that is also the head is the ideal.
  • Big hair, REALLY BIG hair, can be funny, but bald is funnier. Toupees and wigs are funny but hard to draw convincingly. They often just look like bad hair. Draw them with a price tag hanging off. Instant laughs.
  • A pencil mustache is funnier than a handlebar mustache. A Hitler mustache is funnier than any other mustache.
  • Sideburns and/or mustaches are funnier than beards. Vandykes are funnier than sideburns and/or mustaches. A goatee is funnier than a Vandyke. Either stubble or a five o'clock shadow is funnier than any other type of facial hair.
  • Feet are funnier than hands. Toes are funnier than fingers, but thumbs might be the funniest of all the digits. Some say the funniest toe is the great toe; others say the pinky. This is a hotly debated topic in cartoon circles.
  • Breasts of any size are funny. They're just inherently funny.
  • Legs are not funny or meaningful; keep them short or crop them out of the picture.


Principles in Effect


Special bonus comedy tip: Black bars covering "naughty bits" or eyes are funny, especially when unnecessary.


Basic Laws of Clothing and Accessories