"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
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Filler: 10.15.97


"Me, Myself, & I: The new confessional school of writing known as 'creative nonfiction' has spawned workshops, journals, manuals, college courses - and an avalanche of needy, self-parodic memoirs. Never have so many shared so much of so little." - James Wolcott [Vanity Fair, 10/97]

"Creative (fiction) writing and creative nonfiction are coming together, I fear, to form a big earnest blob of me-first sensibility."


"The academic community accepts this phenomenon with open arms (and legs) because it is in the thick of its own pierced-navel-gazing orgy...."


On writing conferences: "Given what a gerbil existence the daily slog of writing can be (... back into your shoe box) who wouldn't seize the opportunity [to participate in writing conferences and] talk shop, play mentor ... [T]here might even be free drinkies."



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