[Source: "Netscape Chief Envisions 'Free' Computers in a Year," New York Times, 9/15/97]

"Netscape Communications Corp. chief James L. Barksdale says his company will begin providing computers and other high-tech hardware to some customers within a year - at no cost. [The company] would generate revenue through subscriptions to their service, advertising, and through online purchases."


"'In various parts of the country, you will definitely be seeing trials within a year - within a year from now - of these kind of distribution models for appliances, network computers, and personal computers,' Barksdale said in an interview."


"In the keynote address at the Government Technology Conference in Albany on Wednesday, Barksdale said: 'The home user buying a personal computer will be a thing of the past.'"


"'About 60 percent of American homes do not have computers, and 80 percent are not connected to the Internet,' Barksdale said. People are adopting the technology at a rapid pace, but he said the 'free' computer model has the potential to reach the millions of homeowners who have stayed offline because of the hardware expense."







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