But even if you're not Funny Ha-Ha, you can pepper your work with any of the "Funny" tricks below, and people will find you all but hi-larious.



We bet you've been there before! Turn anything on its head, using the same style of language from the original, and voilà! Instant Funny.


  • "UPyourS: When it absolutely positively doesn't matter when the fuck it gets there."
  • "Got heroin?"
  • The Fools: How to Advertise Your Desperation and Turn Off Men for Years to Come



Strange concrete details always make 'em chuckle. Usually found at the end of a three-part list.


  • "In a renewed quest for true happiness, I'm going to start working out, read a book every two weeks, and eat lots of corn dogs with extra mustard."
  • "His apartment contained several notebooks, a gallon of lighter fluid, and an old Hungry Hungry Hippos game with about half of the marbles missing."



Gen-X fiction writers just love this crap. And crap it is, but editors think it's funny. And these kids have the book contracts to prove it.


  • "Once she got to the fair, she had trouble maneuvering around a troop of flaming-pear-juggling midgets who seemed to think her fluffy poodle would make a nice addition to their fireballs, if soaked in lighter fluid for long enough."
  • "Mom's favorite lunchtime snack was peanut butter and Ex-Lax sandwiches wit h little Swedish flags stuck in them, in honor of ABBA...."



Ah, there's nothing like revisiting retro styles, even when they suck. This stuff is so bad, it's almost good. But not quite.


  • "A funny thing happened on the way to the whorehouse...."
  • "Take my wife.... Please!"


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