There is one overwhelming reason to write for an online magazine, however: It's really, really easy. So easy, in fact, that many would-be writers forego the whole query-submission-editing process (which few on the Web adhere to anyway) and publish their own damn work! Strange - but true!

Web-based self-publishing has bred a wealth of writer/publishers, creating a supposed reader's paradise. Unfortunately, most of the readers are also self-publishing writers, and if there's one thing that sinks quality lower than self-publishing, it's a community of self-publishers, all publishing each other.

In this messy circle jerk, the restraint of keeping your hands under the table can earn you a surprising amount of respect. Thus, but a few online publications have managed to hold their heads high even as their fingers work overtime. In this way, at least, the ever-smaller circle of online magazines functions much like the New York print-publishing world, only with much, much smaller salaries, a less distinguished history, and a more uncertain future.

And, instead of gossiping over beers in crowded Manhattan bars with other New York City writers, you'll be spewing out rambling self-indulgent emails to editors and colleagues in a desperate attempt to avoid becoming socially inept, isolated, despondent, and ultimately suicidal.


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