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Filler: 08.13.97


[Source: "Alternative Weeklies Grab Young Readers' Attention," The Wall Street Journal, 7/28/97]

"Danny Johnson doesn't read either of Chicago's two big daily newspapers. But the 24-year-old mailroom worker does read one paper regularly: the Chicago Reader, a free newsweekly. The Reader offers exhaustive coverage of popular culture, from DJs to dining to a recent deconstruction of Tonto's term 'kemosabe'...."


"Circulation among daily newspapers is in a slow decline. But robust growth is the big story in one segment of the newspaper industry: alternative newspapers. Since 1990, circulation and revenue have more than doubled among the nation's more than 100 alternatives...."


"Much of that success can be traced to the appeal alternatives hold for people like Mr. Johnson, active urban singles who dismiss daily newspapers as irrelevant."


"Alternative papers, usually given away in busy spots from newsstands to coffee shops, 'are attracting that segment of the population that daily newspapers are struggling to get,' notes Kevin Lavalla, an investment banker...."


"Twentysomethings may not be very interested in the local daily's fare, but 'we don't have any doubt that young people want to read,' says David Schneiderman, president of Stern Publishing...."


"Because of the print pipeline they offer to Generation-X consumers, alternatives are starting to gain national advertising for liquor, tobacco and breath mints to supplement their local base."


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