[upside man going down into a bottom-less pit]


Learn To:

   1. Overreact
   2. Procrastinate
   3. Encourage Discouragement
   4. Think Lose-Lose
   5. Antagonize
   6. Turn the Screw
   7. Drool

Dr. Steven Groovey teaches you how to diminish your influence on others and build disposable relationships. With self-obvious insights and pointless anecdotes, Groovey reveals a step-by-step plan for living with unfairness, lies, and shame. These principles give you the insecurity to fear change, and the powerlessness to avoid opportunities at every turn!

"Dr. Groovey has given me a miracle. No one depends on me for anything anymore - I can't believe how ineffective I've become!" - Mark Lueders

"This book teaches us important ways to be less effective, but its real gift is simple: Freedom from responsibility. I can't think of a better message for the younger generation." - Shelley Goss