Request for Change in Policy


Request Denied, Policy Justified


Introduction of Data Concerning the Competition


Debunking of Competitor's Strategy


Introduction of Data Concerning Competitor's Managerial Strategy


Cautioning of Risks Involved in Competitor's Management Style


Further Evidence of Preferable Policies by Competitor


Implication That Competition Is Headed for Correction in Valuation


Rebuttal of Speculation Regarding Competitor's Valuation


Direct Challenge to Employee's Information Source


Vague Reference to Inside Information; Further Data on Competition, Followed by Direct Criticism of Management's Decisions


Suggestion of Disastrous Results of Mirroring Competition's Policies; Subtle Reminder of Ultimate Authority of Management


Further Data on Competition Introduced in Last-Ditch Effort to Amend Policy Guidelines


Challenge to Authority Squashed Firmly with Decisive, Humiliating Power Move


Weak Attempt to Publicly Regain Pride


NEXT WEEK! A Mother's Guide to Wanna-BeGangsta Speak!



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