A groundbreaking magazine for flaky, inattentive, unintelligent, and just generally bad mothers!


In Every Issue:

"I Just Wasn't Thinking!" - Hilariously wacky tales including everything from mothers who lost their kids at the zoo to mothers who just can't remember to turn off certain household appliances before leaving their kids at home alone!

"A Few Halfway Decent Men" - A monthly guided fantasy focusing on imaginary fathers who pay attention to you, and to your kids!

"Sitcom of the Month Club" - Mothers don't have time to think - let alone read! The Sitcom of the Month Club generates online discussion regarding some of the lame sitcoms you're forced to watch thanks to your TV-addicted kids.

"Mothers Who Drink" - Don't let your kids spoil the fun! Experts explain how you can be a mother and an alcoholic!


The Next Issue Includes:

Kids: What have they done for you lately? Teach your toddlers how to do laundry, clean bathrooms, even scrape and paint the house!

The Three-Meal Liquid Shake: Just whip it up in a blender, and your kids are covered for the day!

An Interview with Courtney Love: Heroin and child rearing mix better than you might think!

Plus, Training Your Dog to Babysit and Other Helpful Tips for Moms on the Go!


Praise for Mothers Who Don't Think:

"Until I started reading Mothers Who Don't Think, I really thought there was something wrong with me, just because I generally wasn't sure where my kids were or if they had eaten or washed or any of that. Now I know that it's normal not to be a good, or even a moderately responsible mother!" - Helga Goldner

"When my little girl becomes a mother, I'm gonna get her a subscription to Mothers Who Don't Think - and if she keeps hanging out with those little sluts at her elementary school, it might be sooner than either one of us expects!" - Sally Sleazebag


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