"In a 12-year study of more than 2,500 senior managers, 25 percent of those on the rise in high-tech companies lacked 'people skills,' says executive-development firm Hagberg Consulting Group. Poor qualities such as the inability to motivate teams and openmindedness were at the top of the list. Tech executives are 50 percent more likely to be poor leaders than executives in other industries." [Communications of The ACM, 1/97]

Traditional managers motivate their teams by creating incentives to work together and to reach specified goals.


Tech managers motivate teams by creating different, some might argue more-effective incentives, also known as "threats."


Traditional managers try to engender a positive mental attitude and a proactive stance through job skills seminars and motivational posters.


Tech managers try to engender fear through glass-door meeting rooms.


Traditional managers encourage open communication and increase job satisfaction by pretending to listen to their underlings' opinions.


Tech managers don't like pretending, so they don't hide their impatience or their overwhelming self-concern.


Luckily, most tech underlings make up for their lack of job satisfaction through loud music, toys, and heavy drug use.


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