From the Suck mailbags: "... I've noticed that in the caricatures of the Sucksters by Terry Colon, he portrays most of you with short hair or 'buzz cuts' - in other words, haircuts disturbingly similar to those worn by the members of Heaven's Gate." [David Fox <>]

Carl Raschke, a well-known University of Denver cult watcher and author: "All-black attire is a sign of people who take their religion seriously." [LA Times, 3/27/97]



"The religious impulse sometimes thrives on false sentiment, emotional need, and cultural fluff." [Time, 4/7/97]


"In its search for meaning, the mind is apt to go down some wrong paths and mistake its own reflection for the face of God." [Time, 4/7/97]


"A Web page that has the power to suck people - against their will - into a suicide cult ?" [Josh Quittner in Time, 4/7/97]





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