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Filler: 04.09.97


Fascinated yet disgusted by the Internet-doom-cult media feeding frenzy? Thought maybe Filler would take the high ground and refuse to sully its holy paws therein? You thought wrong.

Let's start with some wisdom from our favorite wacko, Camille Paglia.



What cult could be stranger than Heaven's Gate? Perhaps the one that follows Camille Paglia.

"Judging from their bland, namby-pamby manner, the Heaven's Gate group was inspired less by Star Trek than by Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." [Camille Paglia in Salon, 4/2/97]


"But surely Gloria Steinem, who's been mad as a hornet at Milos Forman, must have been so gratified to see her utopian society come to pass: at last, a gender-blended co-op paradise where nasty maleness was castrated out of existence." [Camille Paglia in Salon, 4/2/97]


"In 'The Second Coming' (1920), William Butler Yeats prophesied the anarchy and monstrous apparitions that appear at the end of an astrological 2,000-year cycle. The Heaven's Gate bunk-bed spectacle of Night of the Living Dead may be just a tantalizing Mexicali appetizer for what lies ahead." [Camille Paglia in Salon, 4/2/97]


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