"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 27 November 1995. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Saturation Posturing


[Tax the Rich]

Tax the Rich.


It's a simple mantra, to back a

simple concept: 1% of the U.S.

population owns 40% of the

nation's wealth. Need to pay for

schools, roads, police? Get the

folks with the stash to cough up

the cash.


Tax the Rich.


[Rich People Have The Money]

Fuck trickle-down and its bastard

offspring, the flat tax. Aren't

we all tired of hearing about

the need for increased capital

gains tax cuts? Who are they



Tax the Rich.


[Tax the Rich Perfume]

The Tax the Rich campaign is the

next wave in underground,

media-savvy politics: pretend as

if you're promoting another

rock band. Sell the brand. Put

up posters. Or, in the case of

Tax the Rich, have a lot of

people put up posters that say

"Tax The Rich", especially on

February 18. Why February 18? So

it can be a "media event", two

days before the New Hampshire



Supplement your postering

campaign with an actual plan or

specific proposal? Never! Don't

"aim to implement or advocate

specific legislation": details,

mere details! Instead, couch

your posturing effort in such

terms as "empower[ing]...

campaign participants." We will

smother them with our wheatpaste!

Viva la revolution:

"Spray glue, tape and stapler in 
 your pack, posters hot off the  
 xerox clenched in your teeth. A 
 car goes by. Darkness leaves and
 returns. Find a smooth clean    
 wall and lay it up. Dim lit     
 alley to your right, throw up   
 two. Dull thuds crisp across the
 street as friendly staples hit  
 their mark. Spray. Press. Spray.
 Press. You run just for the     
 thrill of it."                  

[Rich Dollars]

Tax the Rich calls its planned

effort "saturation postering":

more than just a bunch of people

putting up posters, it's going

to be a news-worthy "action". As

if a little more urban graffiti

will really be front page news:

how many column inches can a

reporter expect to glean from a

three-word slogan?


[The Rich Happens]

If Tax the Rich's rhetoric has

you bitten by the postering bug,

though, think about it: why have

taxes at all? Shake a spray can

at that one. Or, if that's too

radical for you, you could

always poster "No New Taxes" on

bus stops everywhere.


Get it? Read our posters.

No new taxes.

courtesy of Guy Deboredom