"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 31 October 1995. Updated every WEEKDAY.



dianetics.com will be auctioned

to the highest bidder in



Take our advice: you would be

smart to bid in this auction to

not get dianetics.com. You don't

want it.



A year and a half after Josh

"Ronald" Quittner registered

mcdonalds.com, the kids are

still at it, registering such

gems as micros0ft.com, and

waiting for the lawyers to send

the cease and desist letters...


Our latest full-employment-for-

corporate-lawyers poster boy,

Dave Milligan, registered

dianetics.com in late July.

In the past week the domain has

garnered the attention of the

Religious Technology Center, a

component of the Church of




Suck might consider covering the

campaign of Scientologists

against Internet resources

critical of their organization,

including the cancelpoodle vs.

alt.religion.scientology, the

Dennis Erlich seizure, the

F.A.C.T.Net raid, and the

attempted seizure of XS4ALL

computers, if it weren't for the

death threats, harassing phone

calls, lawsuits, and other

consequences that might come

from running a piece which deals

with the Fishman papers.

Journalistic integrity aside,

some things just aren't worth




And Dave thinks you might want

to pay him for the domain?


Our counsel to the lawyers on the

info highway: before sending out

the next registered letter, look

over the new InterNIC policy

which goes into effect 23

November. According to our

reading, a third party only

needs to provide the InterNIC

with proof of a prior existing

trademark or service mark to

have the domain reassigned.


[L. Ron Hubbard]

And to Dave: even if you may not

have such a hot property with

dianetics.com, maybe you can get a

complimentary copy of Dianetics

out of the deal. We hear ol' L.

Ron can help you contact an

engram to get data and become a

Clear. We'd take that over DNS

any day.

courtesy of Dunderhead