The Medium is the Market: Record Companies vs. the Web
The Big Seven
Time-Warner / Pathfinder WEA (Warner, Elektra, Atlantic)
900 lb. gorillas escape from zoo.
Starwave SONY (Epic & Columbia)
Bottomless wallets still can't buy a clue.
HotWired UNI (DGC & MCA)
MBA's in flannel and Doc Martens.
AOL POLYGRAM (Island, A&M, Mercury)
Fun for the whole family.
Prodigy CEMA (Virgin, Capitol, EMI)
Airlines and refrigerators.
c|net BMG (RCA, Zoo)
Elvis reissues will fund a better Graceland.
Hustler / Penthouse / Playboy Interscope (Death Row, Nothing)
Censorship: all press is good press.
Also Big
Ziff-Davis / CMP Muzak
Great for airports, doctor's offices and elevators.
Yahoo Columbia House
No obligation to buy.
Indie (and Pseudo-indie) Labels
Looks like a major, tastes like a major, smells like an indie.
Feed Matador
Let them eat cred.
InfiNet / Cool Site of the Day TeenBeat
Flavor of the moment.
bianca's Smut ShackAmphetamine Reptile
Making poor taste palatable.
Epicurious Windham Hill
Perfect for your next coctail party. Guaranteed to stifle revolutions everywhere.
Urban Desires 4AD
High art for lowbrows.
SonicNet Touch & Go
Milking Steve Albini for all he's worth.
The Spot K Records
So many journal entries, so little time...
Razorfish / BlueDot Dischord
Earnest young technicians.
Bad credit? No credit? No problem.
Suck ????
Self-indulgent hipsters in dire need of a spanking (and cash).