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for 5 October 1995. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Hit & Run III

[Pathfinder is GUILTY!]


style, Pathfinder declared O.J.

Simpson "GUILTY!" about a year

and a half after the rest of us

had come to that same

conclusion, but a few minutes

after a jury of his peers

decided otherwise. Discovering,

perhaps, that Pravda-style

reporting went out of fashion at

about the time that Vladimir

Zhirinovsky began providing us

with tabloid-style antics,

Pathfinder reversed its verdict

and claimed our favorite

Isotoner poster boy "NOT



Most telling is not what could be

explained away as a production

mistake ("DOH!"), but the

ready-made subheads of

Time-Warner's online presence

with the minority namesake:

"L.A.P.D. on Alert" after a

guilty verdict, versus "L.A. on

Edge After Verdict" for the

acquittal. We needn't draw out

the white fear implicit within

these lines, except to note

that, when Pathfinder sends some

of its college flunkies back to

school for a refresher course or

two, they shouldn't neglect to

enroll them in a "cultural

sensitivity" class. As a friend

so succinctly put it, the

battered wives of the world are

unlikely to riot.

[A Day in the Life]

After ten years of dedicated

research, the eggheads at MIT's

Media Lab have made a discovery

or two. If you've ever met an

alumnus, you're probably

intimately acquainted with lesson

#1: massively parallel ego. Far

more significant, though, are

the Media Lab's apparent

conclusions on what will drive

21st century hypermedia (here's

a hint: drop the "rmedia".)


Arrogance and post-linear

bogosity aside, we can't help

but be impressed by some of the

brainstorms that have found

their way into their 10th year

anniversary "A Day in the Life

of Cyberspace" project. We're

only slightly less awed with

their "time-capsule" tracking

system than with their novel

approach to threaded discussion

- where posts live or die by a

simplistic ratings system. If

only this could be implemented

net-wide for web sites! We

wonder how Suck would fare...


Your rating: 1 2 3 4 5


Some of you may be wondering when

we'll stop bitching and get to

those tasty links! Your wish is

our command. Compare Archiweb's

Virtual Pasta Gallery to Mama's

Cucina, where "Food isn't a

substitute for love. It IS

love." And then tell us this:

who loves their food more?


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[Suck hearts Vibe]

The folks at VIBEonline deserve

an award for being both the

first e-mag to write an in-depth

Suck review as well as for their

revolutionary approach to

punctuation. Congratulations,

guys, your prize should arrive

shortly: a handy dandy


Is your life as a high-wage,

low-satisfaction corporate

indentured servant bringing you

down? Why not work that

indignation out of your system

with a candid note to Suck? Give

us the inside scoop! (We dig

URLs, too.)

- Sucksters