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for 26 September 1995. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Youth Marketing


Could ReBoot be the greatest

Saturday morning cartoon ever

made? How the hell would I know?

From what I've heard, it's on

sometime between 9 and 10 in the

morning (and like a bargain-

basement Naomi Campbell, I

don't get out of bed before

noon for less than twenty bucks.)

[Duke being a technophobe, his

porn box - er, VCR - unceasingly

blinks 12:00 - Dunderhead]



Maybe if I had a bit more in

common with all those

Tick-heads, I could pull it off.

It's not a motivational problem -

my curiosity was peaked from day

one, and recent net surfing has

only heightened my interest.

With entirely computer-generated

animation, a character designer

best known for his drug-addled

comics imagery, and a vaguely

intriguing Internet-related

premise, what more could a 20th

century media consumer possibly

ask for?


How about some impressively

manipulative solicitation

tactics for the kiddies?


[From the official Reboot



Hi. It's me, Dot.                

I'm glad you could duck away from
Enzo for a Nanosecond. This is   
supposed to be a surprise and    
it's so hard to keep anything    
from him. He's such an energetic 

As you must know from our        
adventures in "Talent Night",    
it's Enzo's birthday and I've    
planned some very special        
events. Even though you can't be 
at the party in person (view it  
on your own vidwindow!) you can  
still make your presence felt.   

This is Enzo's birthday card and 
I'm hoping to get all of his new 
friends to sign it. Don't forget 
to tell Enzo all about yourself, 
that boy has a Syquest-sized     
thirst for data!                 

I love it.


Expect similar demographic

research techniques from Suck in

the near future.

courtesy of the Duke of URL