Netscape "What's Cool" Server Stats

The question: How skewed are the sites featured on the Netscape "What's Cool" page towards those running Netscape's own Commerce or Communications server?

The methodology: A quick Perl hack that performs a HEAD request for each server on the "What's Cool" page and records the results. The script is run once, and all servers that don't answer the request are thrown out. As a control group, we compile a chronologically ordered list of an equal number of sites from the "Cool Site of the Day" (going from the most recent site backwards), and run this second list through the same script.

The results: Netscape "What's Cool": 79 servers queried. 71 responses. Of those, 30 reported themselves to be a Netscape server, or 42%. "Cool Site of the Day": 79 servers queried. 69 responses. Of those, 16 reported themselves to be a Netscape server, or 23%.

Conclusions: Hmmm...

Netscape "What's New" Page Netscape-Commerce/1.1 EIT/1.3 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1b1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netsite-Communications/1.0 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Apache/0.8.11 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Open-Market-Secure-WebServer/1.1beta6-eval NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4.2 Apache/0.6.5 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4.2 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netsite-Commerce/1.0 CERN/3.0 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.3 Open-Market-WebServer/1.1beta6-eval CERN/3.0 NCSA/1.3 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netsite-Commerce/1.0 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.2 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Apache/0.8.11 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 NCSA/1.4.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.3 Netsite-Communications/1.0 Apache/0.8.13 NCSA/1.5b2 NCSA/1.4 CERN/3.0pre6 NCSA/1.4 CERN/3.0pre5 NCSA/1.4 NCSA/1.4.2 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netsite-Communications/1.0 NCSA/1.3 WebSTAR/1.2.1 ID/301 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.3 Apache/0.8.11 Apache/0.8.11 NCSA-CRC+/1.4.1 NCSA/1.4 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1
Cool Site Of The Day CERN/3.0 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4.2 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4.2 Apache/0.8.11 Apache/0.6.4b OSU/1.8a NCSA/1.4 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netscape-Commerce/1.1 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.2 CERN/3.0 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4 CERN/3.0 NCSA/1.4.2 BESTWWWD/1.0 NCSA/1.4.2 NCSA/1.4 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.4.2 CERN/3.0 Apache/0.6.5 Purveyor/v1.1 Windows NT WebSite/1.0 BESTWWWD/1.0 CERN/3.0 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.3 NCSA/1.3 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Netsite-Commerce/1.0 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.3 CERN/3.0 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Apache/0.8.10 Netscape-Communications/1.1 Open Market WebServer/1.0 NCSA/1.4.2 WebSTAR/1.2.1 ID/254 NCSA/1.4.1 NCSA/1.4 NCSA/1.3 WebSTAR/1.2 ID/989 NCSA/1.4 CERN/3.0 Apache/0.6.5 Netscape-Communications/1.1 NCSA/1.4 NCSA/1.3