Does she cringe when she flosses? Does she quibble over copayments? Does she cry when told of a new cavity? It may seem minor now, but these things can tell you whether you're with a real woman or a whiny little wimp — one with gum problems that might become a serious financial liability in the long term!


Strenuous exercise is a good way to test a person's true mettle, particularly when the conditions are so extreme that sudden death is more than just a figure of speech. Can he run through sand in 100-degree heat? When promised water and given none, does he become violent, lay down in the dust and weep piteously, or cut into the nearest juicy-looking cactus with his Swiss Army knife? And if he does, is it Colby-sexy, or McGyver-dorky? Finally, wouldn't he have to have rocks in his head to agree to such a thing? Well, this date is about more than endurance — it's about checking the ease with which you can manipulate him to do your bidding!


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