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On your third or fourth random date, you may suddenly ask yourself, "Is this really how people meet and fall in love?" Which is a perfectly legitimate question.

The answer, of course, is no. This is not how people meet and fall in love. This is how people convince themselves that they will never, ever fall in love. This is how people vow never to leave the house again. This is how people lose their fragile grips on reality. This is how people begin a downward spiral that sometimes lasts a few months, but often lasts a lifetime.

This is also how people stop dating.

You see, those of you in your prime dating years may (falsely) believe that the world is filled with two kinds of people: couples, and single people who go out on dates in search of that special someone.

In truth, the world is filled with three kinds of people: couples, single people who date, and single people who stay at home and eat microwave pizzas and watch Eight Is Enough reruns.

How can you tell which kind of person you are?

Answer these questions and find out!

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