What better home than Broadway for Yes, the band whose inspiring lyrics were self-help before self-help wasn't cool? Includes the soulful, environmentally-friendly ballad "Don't Kill The Whale!" and that hilarious send-up of AT&T marketers "Long Distance Runaround!" And let's not forget that kick-up-your-heels tribute to mood swings, or male sexual performance, or Step Aerobics, titled "I Get Up! I Get Down!" Never before has orchestral, complicated rock 'n' roll been so uplifting — and so fun to sing along with, without fear of embarrassment! Yours truly is no disgrace!


Kurt Cobain's tragic suicide lends this fantastical romp a bittersweet edge like only premature death can! This epic tale includes all those soul-searching Nirvana tunes you love to croon, plus some heretofore unreleased sure-hits that are hauntingly well-suited both to Kurt's life and to the medium itself ("Courtney, Get Yer Gun!" "Bye, Bye, Betty Ford!"). But when Kurt 'n' Courtney belt out the lines "Married! Buried!" in their heartbreaking duet on perpetuating post-mortem sales titled "All Anthologies!", you can be sure there won't be a dry eye in the house! And you won't believe Kurt's secret collaboration with Sting, titled "Rape Me! Rape My Funny Friend And Me!" which will also appear in an upcoming Disney animated feature!


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