Women of Seattle, hang onto your seats! My friend Steve is, amazingly enough, still available! That's right, all of the joy and discovery of Steve can still be yours!

But is he right for you? Just take this quiz and find out!

1. If your dream man were an animal, he'd be a...

a. sad little monkey
b. smelly, butt-sniffing doggie
c. jumpy, pesky little squirrel
d. disgusting, unsquashable little roach

2. Which of the following traits do you find highly overrated?

a. a strong work ethic
b. manly good looks
c. a can-do attitude
d. politeness and sincerity
e. all of the above

3. Your dream man spends a lot of his time...

a. Sighing
b. Eating off your plate
c. Taking long naps
d. Regretting most of his major life decisions thus far
e. Flipping impatiently through the channels while saying "There's nothing on. There's absolutely nothing on." over and over

4. Which of the following are major turn-ons for you?

a. listlessness
b. mediocrity
c. strange little patches of unsightly body hair
d. smugness
e. Cheeto-coated fingertips


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