Content Is as Content Does
The difficult part comes standing over the garbage can, weighing the relative merits of the unsolicited Victoria's Secret catalog against the all-too-solicited pleasures of Larry Flynt's Hard Drive.
Five years ago today in Suck.

When the frog walked in the door,
And saw the dried glue on the floor
He sighed, and shook his froggy head
The rabbit's face turned pink, then red.

"At least now you've finally faced
this fact: All things can't be replaced!"
The frog then said, with feelings mixed,
"Still, most good things can be fixed!"

He dumped his bag out, in a pool,
and there it was — a great big tool!
"This baby will fix your mistake —
And mended stuff is tough to break!"

The rabbit put it to the test,
And soon she repaired all the best
things that she had — fragile or tough,
It's easiest to fix ~good~ stuff!

And when her best stuff was repaired,
the rabbit felt relieved. She cared
so much for these things, newly mended,
since her whole life had been upended.

The rabbit hugged her bear and vowed,
To care for things that made her proud.

At least, for now...





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