Content Is as Content Does
The difficult part comes standing over the garbage can, weighing the relative merits of the unsolicited Victoria's Secret catalog against the all-too-solicited pleasures of Larry Flynt's Hard Drive.
Five years ago today in Suck.

One day, the rabbit got so mad
She smashed up everything she had.
She was so swift, and sure, and deft,
That this time, there was nothing left!

Just a bottle cap or two
And a tub of Elmer's Glue.
She even threw her pile of cash
in the trashcan, with the trash!

So now she couldn't buy new junk.
This put the rabbit in a funk...

She spilled the glue across the floor!
She threw the tub right out the door!
She squeezed the bottle caps till bent,
then dropped them down the heating vent!

And when the rabbit was all done
She felt worse than when she'd begun.
She looked around for things to break,
And knew she'd made a big mistake.

The rabbit, she was so depressed
She didn't care about the mess.

At least, not yet...





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