"a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun"
for 21 March 2001. Updated every WEEKDAY.

Filler 03.21.01



Once upon a cold spring day
There was a rabbit, fat and gray,
Whene'er her mood was black as night,
She broke whatever was in sight.

She was demure most of the time.
She'd suffer fools, she'd spare a dime.
But when she fell into the pits,
She broke her things to little bits!

She'd throw her cell across the room!
She'd smash wineglasses, spill perfume!
She'd kick her IMac, crush her Palm,
Until she finally felt more calm.

A fat bunny, like you or me,
Who watched Survivor, drank green tea,
She was quite friendly, sweet, and sage,
Until she fell into a rage!

For when her mood was hard like toast,
She'd break the things she loved the most!
Because her best stuff, big or small,
Got on her nerves the most of all!

The rabbit felt quite tough and strong
To break the things she'd had so long,
Though she was friendly, kind, and gentle,
She really was not sentimental.

At least, not yet...

Next...Nostalgia is for wimps!



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