You May Already Be A Wiener
Soon to come: awards awarded to award awards, professional associations like the National Society for Awarding Awards, valuable titles like, "Total Quality Awards Awarding," "The One-Minute Web Review," and "Reengineering the Award."
Five years ago today in Suck.



I have a couple questions?

I love Filler! It's really the only part of that I actually read. While your references to parts of the female anatomy, and attacks on the hypocrisy of popular culture drive my need to visit your site every Wednesday, what I find fascinating are your descriptions of the persistently dysfunctional people that we all have to interact with on a daily basis. Is this just psychobabble drawn from Cosmo, and Psychology Today, or are you actually that perceptive? Perhaps you go to therapy just to do research? Whatever the case, it's brilliant!

My second question....

How can I write for Suck?

And remember whatever your answer, I will need some time to process my emotions in a safe environment.

Thanks, you're the best!

Damon Delgado <>





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