Suck Goes to High-Tech India


Despite having chosen Hyderabad as his second city, Bipin, a Bangalore booster to the core, greatly enjoys disparaging the place for its lame quality of life. The best thing he can say about it is that Hyderabad "is the only city in India that gets swept every night." (Native Hyderabadis confirm that their hometown is an unusually clean Indian city — a bit like saying A.J. is an unusually intellectual Backstreet Boy.) "They have nothing to do there — virtually no pubs and no discos. Hyderabad is going to be a manufactured city — like Singapore." From his standpoint as a publisher that makes Hyderabadis a dream readership: a captive audience.

Bangalore by contrast "has a history of being more laid back," says Bipin. "If a guy in Hyderabad has a similar job opening in Bangalore, he'll choose Bangalore, one hundred percent." It may not be as easy to drive around, and the air, while still far cleaner than any of the "metros" (Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras), is still pretty filthy. But there are more than 300 pubs, Bipin says, "and the best liquor companies in India are here in Bangalore — Kingfisher, United Breweries, Peter Scott." If quality of life correlates with blood-alcohol content, the Karnatakan capital wins hands-down.

To an extent, Bipin practices what he preaches. For one thing, he heads most evenings to the Bowring Institute, a private club descended from the British, for badminton and copious whiskey. More significantly, Bipin married his college sweetheart even though she was from a family two full caste levels below his own. This took no small courage; his family stopped speaking to him for a time, threatening to cut him off.

Still, for all Bipin's talk of youth expressing its independent spirit, it's a fairly straitened rebellion The Cult expresses, and that's the narrower sense of troublemaking that the educated youth are tuned into.


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