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Up in a top-floor HTC meeting room, someone (someone who, without Infosys options, was presumably worth less than a half-million bucks) brought snacks: lethally sweet mango-creme cookies and to wash them back, Pepsi. The idea on the board-room table was that the former MP (now an extremely connected businessman), along with the cardiologist with whom he operates a leading Hyderabad hospital, would create an incubator. The incubator bug has a very first-quarter 2000 feel in the US, but it has only recently been spreading to India. A few hundred thousand square feet of new office space, some amenities like a health club and a golf course, and start-ups from around the nation will be begging to trade a bit of equity for a few years' rent.

The MP isn't convinced; this high-risk VC way of doing business troubled him when his money could be drawing 18% in a simple Indian bank account. But Chowdary perseveres. After an "all this could be yours" rooftop tour of what would be (subtext: "with or without you") India's crown infrastructural jewel, the MP asks about construction details, and the doctor wants to know if it would be wise to station his gleaming glass office tower right in the middle of the golf course he'd build.

They will build it; the cyberpeople will come, and if all goes as planned, a new city, unlike Calcutta, Bombay or Delhi, unlike Bangalore, unlike Hyderabad itself — unlike them in that it will (they dream) be miraculously absent of India's problems — will rise from nothing.

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