Salvaging Salvo
Is SALVO an inept but sincere attempt at attractively packaging "dangerous" politics, a kind of anarchist George? Or is it a calculated but flawed gambit to turn generational apathy and disinterest into a salable product, a kind of Urban Outfitters George?
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Great job, yet again, of reducing the male psyche into a handful of one-dimensional stereotypes.

I've just identified myself as the overanalytical type, but I like to think of myself as slightly more dimensional than that, so we'll assume that it's only one facet of my personality. I think I have qualities of all of the male types you outlined (probably shouldn't be boasting), and it bothers me that women actually do consider dating material in those terms, writing off a guy at first sight of a red flag. A complex character such as myself may make for bad comedy, but I think I'm a good date, and have been told so, so it's not a completely subjective, egoist assumption.

So I submit to you a, that implies I am willing to take on the task and have both our attempts judged side by side. I concede that you are the wittier of us two, so I retract the challenge and submit it as a DARE! I dare you to write a Filler using complex characters (more complex than crack-smoking squirrels or cellphone-wielding hipsters) in awkward dating situations in which they come to grips with the hopelessness of finding a mate that will compliment their personality and lifestyle on all levels...and, oh yeah, make it funny.

Dr. Agonize


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