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Salvaging Salvo
Is SALVO an inept but sincere attempt at attractively packaging "dangerous" politics, a kind of anarchist George? Or is it a calculated but flawed gambit to turn generational apathy and disinterest into a salable product, a kind of Urban Outfitters George?
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I've been living in San Francisco for about a few months now and have a few questions.

1) Is there some sort of law here that women have to date men who are one fifth as good looking as they are? Not that I mind it, but it's sort of spooky seeing so many couples with ugly men and beautiful women. Everyone else has noticed this, right?

Come to think of it, that's my only question, and it's not really a question, but I'm really curious about it anyway.


Dear B,

Yes, everyone else has noticed this, and yes, there is legislation to that effect. San Francisco is filled with beautiful women with great big brains who are forced by circumstance to date sad little weasels with little or nothing going for them.

Which is really bad news for women in San Francisco. But it's really good news for sad little weasels with little or nothing going for them.



Next...San Francisco daze, San Francisco bites.

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