Food For Nought
Unfortunately, food makes for poor television, though obviously it's been tried. Granted, the Discovery Channel's Great Chefs series is not without a certain sensual, yet minimalist charm. But television's demand for motion from its subjects remains a problem - Vincent Foster notwithstanding, few people like watching a cold fish.
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He's a terrible boyfriend no matter what he does, and she'll complain no matter who she's with, so these two are actually perfect for each other. They both find fault with everyone they see. Together, they're punishing and impatient and full of unreasonable demands and endless complaints. Have you ever heard of a love that's more likely to last a lifetime than this one?


She was adrift on a sea of negativity, but all her doubts and regrets were silenced the second she saw that disco ball hanging over the hot tub. Who better to guide her out of the doldrums and into a world of immediate, silly fun than a sharp guy with a masters in the science of partying? Once she sweated the small stuff, now she collects small stuff like plastic Flamingos and Hungry Hungry Hippo games with the enthusiasm of a small child. Sure, she can be a little harsh — but it's actually kind of funny, when he's stoned. Which he is.

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